Kirsty specializes in reframing change and conflict. She assists people to identify and discover what they need, to be successful. Kirsty teaches recalibration strategies and skills. She motivates people to transform their lives from stuck to sublime success.  Kirsty’s traveled the world (Australia, New Zealand, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Singapore, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Amsterdam, England, Thailand and the USA), lived and worked in five different countries and started four entrepreneurial businesses.  Her joy is seeing people transform their lives by accessing their inner awesomeness!

Kirsty has a Master’s degree in Teaching, she's a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP), Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Health Coach, and a board member of the Wisconsin National Speakers Association (NSA).

She has an incredible gift to inspire, motivate and connect with her audience. Her genuine personality and vulnerability, allow a safe space for participants to accept and embrace change. Kirsty has a unique blend of humor, diverse life experience and practical tools to make her presentations, energetic, engaging, entertaining and enticing! 

Getting in Touch

Kirsty lives in the Madison, WI area, and enjoys traveling all over the US and crossing oceans to speak at events and meet clients from all over the world!

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