Kirsty specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programing. She assists her clients to identify and discover how to live a purposeful and confident life. Kirsty teaches recalibration strategies and skills, while guiding clients to reach their goals. She motivates people to transform their lives, from feeling stuck to experiencing sublime success.  Kirsty is passionate about facilitating life change and personal transformation. 

Kirsty works with successful business people, assisting them in finding balance and direction in their lives. She works with creative people to help them gain clarity and purpose. Kirsty works with entrepreneurs to recalibrate limiting beliefs, so their businesses  succeed. She works with people in service industries to support and rejuvenate when stress and burnout are inevitable.

If you're looking for a transformation, a way to shift your life in an amazing new direction - then Kirsty is the Recalibration Coach for you. You'll receive coaching for an hour a week for 6 months. Coaching takes place in Kirsty's tranquil office in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, or remotely using Zoom. Kirsty uses her training in Neuro-Linguistic Programing to create sustainable change. She focuses on bio-individuality with each of her clients and gets phenomenal results. 

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