2 Day

Shift Happens Retreat

SAVE THE DATE: 23rd and 24th of August 2019


Holy Wisdom Monastery
4200 County Road M
Middleton, Wisconsin 53562

I’m seeking freedom to live the life I’ve always wanted!
— Retreat Participant
I’m excited to explore this new season in my life
— Retreat Participant
I’ll know the retreats worked when I think ‘I’m going to rock this out of the park!’
— Retreat Participant
I’m looking to discover greater self compassion and to recalibrate my imposter syndrome
— Retreat Participant
I’m looking for meaningful connections, support and friendship
— Retreat Participant
This retreat will transform my brilliance! I want a game plan that provides useful steps and actions I can take straight after retreat.
— Retreat Participant
What’s In It For Me?

2 Breakfasts, 2 Fresh from the garden lunches, 7 phenomenal speakers, 2 full days (optional out at 2:00pm on Saturday for those who want it) of inspiration, and focus on YOU and what you want to achieve, NLP tools and techniques to get over road blocks, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and fear of taking a leap toward your dream life, Deep connection and friendships with like minded people, Uniquely designed retreat that focuses on your bio-individual needs and wants, Mindfulness & stress relief techniques, Practical steps to take, to reach your goals, Growth mindset training, Energy reset and Magic!
— Kirsty Blattner

Kirsty Blattner


If you’ve ever felt; stuck, frustrated, terrified of failing, have a fear of wasting time and money, as well as energy, overwhelmed, lack of confidence, worry about how your goals may effect your family, concern if your goal doesn’t work out, you’ll need to be in a job you’re not passionate about or imposter syndrome is holding you hostage, unfulfilled dreams causing you to have resentment - then The 2 Day, Shift Happens - Goal Giving Retreat, is for you! It will take you from STUCK in the muck - to feeling superbly SUBLIME.

Imagine a retreat that’s sculpted to your needs and wants. An interactive, hands on, retreat, assisting you to reach your goals. A retreat that embodies deep connections and communication, structuring ways for you to build a team to; encourage, inspire, support and lift you closer to achieving your dreams.

Goals may include, writing a book, reaching a target weight, increasing income, improving your health, starting your own business, figuring out your purpose, being an amazing wife and or mom, discovering how to make a difference in the world, creating time for freedom and joy, improving a business idea OR something that is uniquely YOU!

You’ll leave feeling energized, supported, focused and like you’re an unstoppable force! When you achieve your goals, you’re GIVING the gift of inspiration, hope and value to those around you. Sometimes, without knowing, you’ll create a ripple effect of amazingness by shining your brightest and living life to your full potential. You are in for a treat and I can’t wait to connect with you and assist you on your ODYSSEY TO AWESOMENESS!

The two day retreat includes an action packed assortment of nuero-linguistic programming (NLP) tools, stress relievers, solo time and structured networking times to connect meaningfully with fabulous souls. There are 4 sensational guest speakers, two breakfasts, and two lunches, made by the nuns at Holy Wisdom, using fresh food from their garden. There’ll be optional activities on Friday evening and accommodation is up to you! Some people love the two full days and one evening to fully immerse themselves in the experience, giving themselves a complete recalibration experience. Other people enjoy coming for the day, sleeping and recharging in their own home and coming refreshed the next day. Accommodation options are listed below and your responsibility to organize.

If you want to; feel lighter, have steps to get you closer to where you want to go, walk away positively different, experience deep connections and experience creative problem solving, then sign up today and join a community of like minded people. Together we’ll achieve more, support stronger and inspire deeper than you can do alone.



The Incredible Magical Brain: Three Ways to Rewire Your Brain for Mindset Magic 

Madison entrepreneur and differently-abled warrior Chantel Soumis shares her success in finding hope and strength in her fight against a debilitating relapse of Multiple Sclerosis leveraging. . .

  • Nueroplasticity - The brains way to rewire itself.

  • Positive Thinking - A strong pillar of thought reframing.

  • Diet - Understanding bio-individuality and what works for you.

  • Community - Using human connection to make huge changes for ultimate success, including becoming one of the worlds most known LinkedIn creators and differently-abled advocates with speaking engagements across the world.

Come be inspired and get equipped with the knowledge you need to make the shift.

Jenie Gao

Jenie Gao

Against The Odds

Jenie Gao is a full-time artist, creative director, and entrepreneur. She specializes in large-scale projects, printmaking, murals, and public art installations. She strives to make work that become cultural cornerstones and community landmarks.

In this presentation, Jenie Gao will share her story about building a business as a full-time artist, in one of the toughest industries to build a viable career. In this context, Jenie will share the obstacles and opportunities that face every creative business. Her talk includes her own personal story, data-backed evidence on the emerging creative economy, and the bigger picture that mission-focused businesses are all a part of creating. Jenie will share some of the hard-earned lessons of being a business owner: self-advocacy as community advocacy, setting clear boundaries and expectations when passion and profession intertwine, and how to stay ambitious when risk and uncertainty are high. At the core of the message of her work, is the importance of honing our own creative mindsets to imagine better possibilities for ourselves and others.

Gin Chocolate & Bottle Rockets

Gin Chocolate & Bottle Rockets

Hectic 2 Harmony: Compose A Life You Love

“With powerhouse harmonies reminiscent of bands like Wilson Phillips and Wailin’ Jennys, the trio’s musical chemistry emanates from the speakers like morning sunshine through a kitchen window.”—Mother Church Pew

Here's the bottom line. We need more harmony in the world right now. Not just harmony on a global and political level but also in your job, at home and even within yourself. Award-winning singers Jen Farley, Shawndell Marks and Beth Kille have mastered the art of harmony, and not just when they perform. These bandmates, business partners and inseparable friends have discovered the 3 components of perfect harmony, and will teach you how to implement them.

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Holy Wisdom Monastery:


County Inn & Suites By Radisson:


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Payment For 2 Day Retreat

What’s Included:

2 Breakfasts

2 Fresh from the garden lunches

7 phenomenal speakers

2 full days (optional out at 2:00pm on Saturday for those who want it) of inspiration, and focus on YOU and what you want to achieve

NLP tools and techniques to get over road blocks, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and fear of taking a leap toward your dream life

Deep connection and friendships with like minded people

Uniquely designed retreat that focuses on your bio-individual needs and wants

Mindfulness & stress relief techniques

Practical steps to take, to reach your goals

Growth mindset training

Energy reset


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I can’t wait to spend time connecting with powerful women and shift closer to dreams that align with who I am.
— Retreat Participant