If Kirsty's résumé isn't impressive enough,

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Fun to see everyone take part in the activities. Kirsty is energetic, realistic, down to earth and fun. She makes you just feel good! Thanks for a great presentation.
— Lisa Leahy
This was great to spend time sharing with others, our everyday stressors of Social Workers.
I’ll be using the reframing questions when working with my residents. I’m thankful Kirsty helped me put play back into my life.
— Grace Marten
The reframing activity, really allowed you to look inside yourself. I found it reassuring that I’m not the only one who has stressors in this job.
Loved the Future You activity, gave a great perspective and the ballon game was really fun. I love how passionate Kirsty is!
Great job, love your enthusiasm. Kirsty’s such a positive person! I loved getting into groups to discuss stressors, then discovering ways to deal with them!
It was amazing to voice my work place stressors among others who do the same job and understand why they are stressors. I enjoyed your story about why you do the meditation activity.
My stress level did decrease and my stiff neck even felt better by the end of the presentation!
Kirsty was a very positive, energetic but yet relaxing speaker. Great presentation.
Kirsty was our Keynote presenter and what a great way to open up the convention. Our jobs are not about fun or taking time for ourselves - this was a great reminder to take time for ourselves too. You rock!
— Tabatha Becker
Kirsty is a very energetic presenter and I enjoyed the music meditation and breathing activities best.
Thanks for getting us moving and out of our comfort zones!
Kirsty is a wonderful presenter. She keeps you on your toes. Feeling so relaxed after the presentation. Really makes you think about ways to keep yourself less stressed.
— Christine Nelson
Kirsty, you made me feel like you genuinely care about me, even though we’ve never met.
Love her energy!
— Judy Harder
Thank you! It’s nice to remember that no matter how old you are, play is fun and it felt good to laugh.
Kirsty has amazing energy! Love her accent and she has great relaxation techniques.
— Christi Hendricks
Kirsty has such energy and helpful ideas, for not only myself and co-workers but my daughter who has anxiety and struggles with sensory processing. Thank you, I loved all of it.
— Jessica Good
I loved stepping out of my comfort zone with the play activities. I literally forgot about everything that was bugging me! This presentation has helped me to realize that I need to prioritize myself and that it’s OK to do this. Thank you for bringing me joy today! You were awesome! Thank you again for a great morning.
I really enjoyed the entire presentation and looking forward to adding the techniques into my day. We often forget to put fun in our day - it can make a big difference on our outlook and what we accomplish.
Play is often forgotten in the daily to-do’s. The idea of play ‘therapy’ is wonderful. It was great to have all the participants involved in the activities. Thank you so much for getting me out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot today.
Whole presentation was wonderful! Everyone is in the same boat at work and I enjoyed all the information presented. Great accent too! I liked thinking about the Future You activity. Thank you.
— Joy Merten Trapp
Thank you for the reminder of how important PLAY is in my day. You are beautiful on the outside, but your inner passion about how important it is to take care of yourself is, by far the most important of all the tools you presented. I plan to use some in my personal life and work. Thank you.
— Randi Swanson
My favorite part today was going over stressors we face as Social Workers and realizing I’m not alone. I loved the framing sticky note activity too.
Your presentation was interesting, I very much enjoyed hearing about your traveling experiences. You are very energetic and I can tell you’re passionate about inspiring others.
— World Ventures
Love, love, love it all! Spoke to my heart! Bought back my passion and desire to travel and experience life.
— World Ventures
Kirsty is an amazing communicator, she’s warm, sweet and inspirational. She reminds me there are always a million different ways to reach my goals. Thanks!
— Sofia Erazo
Kirsty speaks about bio-individuality. Her presentations are thought provoking and make me want to go home and figure out ‘who I really am!’
— Anna Taddei
Kirsty’s generous spirit is fresh and inspirational. She engages participants and validates their contributions with warmth and enthusiasm. Thanks for always connecting personally with everyone, before and after your presentation. It’s great and I feel connected. Shine on!
— Dream Bank - American Family Insurance
You have beautiful energy and my favorite part of your presentation was the reminder to be myself and that we all have a choice to recalibrate.
— Dream Bank - American Family Insurance
I loved the entire presentation! Thanks for the inspiration to remember my path, allowing me to give myself permission to recalibrate and tools on how to have a new perspective, when my old one is no longer serving me. This truly was an outstanding presentation, full of life, good spirit and knowledge. You provided me with steps to get to where I want to be in life.
— Lonna Temple
I was so engaged I did not even think of ‘taking notes!’ I was so fully engaged in the moment and experiences. Thank you for your time, presence. You’re amazing and awesome!
— Amy Soderman