Kirsty is a breath of fresh air. Her energy and passion is very inspiring. She lights up the room and leaves you wanting more!
— Laura Portz

I will always remember - you are not the same person you were 15 minutes ago! Thanks for that.
— Candace Altscheel
What an amazing session! Three things I’m truly taking away is the coaching questions about your goals/dreams:
1. What will be different when . . .
2. Who will be inspired when you . . .
3. What is the cost of not making a change?
You really made me think deeper about my goals and how to clarify them.
— Katelyn Reuter
Thanks Kirsty! I especially enjoyed your Future Pacing guided meditation. I now have a MANTRA from my future self! This will guide me toward my goals.
— Becky Caron
Kirsty’s energy and enthusiasm for self care and a healthier future is contagious!
— Chantel Soumis
Your presentation was quite inspiring! I forget at times to think about myself and my own health. Thank you for making me recognize my habits and clarify my goals. I look forward to your Delicious Cleanse Course.
— Dawn
I loved this presentation! It was very thorough and relevant to what people struggle with. I loved the Future Pacing, visualization activity.
— Hayley Wilson
Kirsty helped me to realize that I’m on the right path. Hearing it again, with her enthusiasm has deepened my path forward. Thank you.
— Diana