I got the honor. . .

of hearing Kirsty Blattner recite one of her poems live. I was mesmerized. Her words are like notes to a beautiful song - each one tapping into the heart of the listener and weaving a tapestry of human life. If you can experience her work, do it. It will be the gift you give yourself.

—Kelly Swanson

Motivational Speaker & Author

Our Future Pacing activity left me with these gifts: My future self said to me “Everything you do, do with love and passion.” The gift my future self gave me was a white helium balloon with a long string that said one word WORRY, in black letters - I let it go, thanks for this!
— Program participant - Center for Exceptional Leadership (CEL)

Kirsty is one of. . .

our all-time favorite humans! Maybe it’s her infectious smile, or her kind eyes, or her adventurous spirit. Maybe it’s the way she zigs when others zag. Or maybe it’s the way she uses poetry to communicate some of life’s most important lessons in a way that gets past even the most impenetrable force fields of cynicism. Whatever it is, Kirsty always delivers a fresh defense against Adultitis, and this lovely collection of poems is no exception.

—Jason & Kim Kotecki

Founders Of The Cure Adultitus Institute


As a world class. . .

athlete, I’m acutely aware that true health comes from a balance of mind, body and spirit. For this reason, it’s easy for me to recognize how gifted Kirsty is as a coach. Because of her profound knowledge about mindset and wellness, she’s able to assist people with a broad spectrum of needs in order to live healthful lives. Not only is she a smart and talented professional, she’s classy and has an amazingly positive attitude that is simply contagious! Any one who chooses Kirsty as their coach is making a wise decision.

— Teri Larson Jones

Kirsty is a breath of fresh air. Her energy and passion is very inspiring. She lights up the room and leaves you wanting more!
— Program Participant - American Family Insurance

Kirsty has a brilliant. . .

and beautiful way she articulates her voice. She has strong, important messages in her poems. Metamorphosis of a Misfit definitely hits home with it's messages and I know it'll make a powerful and impacting read for others.

—Tofe Evans

Resilience Thought Leader/Limit Pusher

Fully enjoyed your presentation, it was refreshingly real! I related to the topic and understand the value - well done.
— Program participant, Center For Exceptional Leadership

In one of her poems. . .

Kirsty expresses a wish to be a bird who could fly. That’s exactly what this book does! It lifts the reader up with its wings and soars us to a higher ground. The format of a giving background, gifting a poem, and offering questions, gives words to the very struggles we all face, She starts us with the struggle, grounds us in her truth, and lifts us up with powerful words and images. Never preachy. Never forced. Always authentic and vulnerable. A book for all of us Misfits who want to fly.

Theresa Kim

Coach/Speaker & Creative Experience Facilitator


Kirsty is an absolutely. . .

phenomenal coach, who has helped me to become “unstuck” many times over. Because of her loving and supportive guidance in helping me to uncover all the answers I had within, I was finally able to move forward and accomplish one of my life’s dreams of starting my own business.

What I love so much about Kirsty is that she’s down to earth, fun loving, flexible, genuine, and authentic. These qualities that shine from her so brightly built an immediate foundation of rapport, trust, and confidence.

Carrie Jain

Speech-Language Pathologist & Communication Coach


Kirsty's energy and enthusiasm. . .

for recalibration and a happier future is contagious! Metamorphosis of a Misfit is a refreshing mix of creativity and self-improvement drills, unlike any other book I’ve ever experienced! It's self-reflection in its purest form and encourages you to dig into your soul and understand who you are and why. Kirsty makes practicing awareness, understanding, and gratitude simple by connecting exercises through poetry.

—Chantel Renee Noir Soumis

Marketing Sourcerous

Copy of Jacy high res - 5_300dpi.jpg

What I respect. . .

and appreciate most about Kirsty's work is how she leads you from one mind space to another. Moving from creative space to thoughtful reflective space and back. This is an extremely powerful tool for growth and personal development. Her stories are human and resonant. Her poetry has the kind of intimacy that turns annoying coffee shop encounters, into a moment of pure connection.

I highly recommend Metamorphosis of a Misfit, for those who understand with their minds, they are not alone and need help feeling it in their hearts.

—Jacy Imilkowski

Speaker & Coach


Kirsty asks insightful. . .

questions, that dig beyond your expressed desires, to your motivation, and taps you into the root source of what will compel you to move forward. Kirsty’s tailored approach, grounding presence and delightful personality will inspire you.

— Penny Lau

Senior QI Process Lead


Kirsty asks. . .

herself the big questions of life. The why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? Why aren't I good enough? As a woman and person struggling in a world of perfection, Kirsty shares her personal story and then gives me room to step into the poems, to use her questions to continue my journey. Brilliant book to encourage, enlighten and enrage us to ponder our own metamorphosis.

—Mary Helen Conroy

Speaker, Coach & Author