I got the honor. . .

of hearing Kirsty Blattner recite one of her poems live. I was mesmerized. Her words are like notes to a beautiful song - each one tapping into the heart of the listener and weaving a tapestry of human life. If you can experience her work, do it. It will be the gift you give yourself.

—Kelly Swanson

Motivational Speaker & Author


Kirsty is one of. . .

our all-time favorite humans! Maybe it’s her infectious smile, or her kind eyes, or her adventurous spirit. Maybe it’s the way she zigs when others zag. Or maybe it’s the way she uses poetry to communicate some of life’s most important lessons in a way that gets past even the most impenetrable force fields of cynicism. Whatever it is, Kirsty always delivers a fresh defense against Adultitis, and this lovely collection of poems is no exception.

—Jason & Kim Kotecki

Founders Of The Cure Adultitus Institute


As a world class. . .

athlete, I’m acutely aware that true health comes from a balance of mind, body and spirit. For this reason, it’s easy for me to recognize how gifted Kirsty is as a coach. Because of her profound knowledge about mindset and wellness, she’s able to assist people with a broad spectrum of needs in order to live healthful lives. Not only is she a smart and talented professional, she’s classy and has an amazingly positive attitude that is simply contagious! Any one who chooses Kirsty as their coach is making a wise decision.

— Teri Larson Jones


Kirsty has a brilliant. . .

and beautiful way she articulates her voice. She has strong, important messages in her poems. Metamorphosis of a Misfit definitely hits home with it's messages and I know it'll make a powerful and impacting read for others.

—Tofe Evans

Resilience Thought Leader/Limit Pusher


Kirsty asks insightful. . .

questions, that dig beyond your expressed desires, to your motivation, and taps you into the root source of what will compel you to move forward. Kirsty’s tailored approach, grounding presence and delightful personality will inspire you.

— Penny Lau

Senior QI Process Lead